Patio Extension Procedure

As an already licensed establishment you may wish to extend your current liquor license outside during our 4th Street Lilac Festival. This is possible but you will have to complete the following steps:

1. Make a drawing/s of the proposed extension with measurements and exact seat layout included.

2. Include a letter stating the following:

    3. Submit drawings and letter of intent to the Lilac Festival office for approval May 7th 2020 by email to

    4. Once approval from the festival is obtained via letter you must take the drawings, intent letter and festival approval letter to the AGLC to obtain your permit by May 18, 2020. You must have this patio extension permit from AGLC to expand your patio at Lilac Festival.

    5. Phone 3-1-1 and schedule your Calgary Fire Department Occupancy Load Card 30 days prior to the event

    Please contact Jennifer Rempel at 403.453.7424 or for patio extension requirements and any questions you may have.

    Thank you!